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Our company delivers an award-winning complete commercial Digital Signage solution. With a comprehensive range of hardware and software products, the digital signage platform is designed to integrate to create a digital signage package tailored to suit your specific project requirements whether a single screen, video wall, menu board, multiscreen site, or a global rollout.

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Creating a welcoming environment for visitors both customer and suppliers ensures a positive first impression and enables you to promote products, display induction videos, advertise employment opportunities, meeting room information, and more. Our software allows you to create separate displays for each screen to help you communicate with each group more effectively.

Our Media Players help you centralise all displays. With playout software, landscape display systems, wall or ceiling mounting brackets, plus quick and easy to use the software, our Media Players provide a simple solution to connect your digital displays, create tailored content and display programmes as well as control the playback of each screen.

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