5 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

1. Digital Signage Grabs Attention

When customers walk into a store, business, or office, one of the first things they notice is the bright, vibrant, animated digital screen mounted on the wall 71% of people report that digital signage is more memorable than traditional, static signage.

Unlike Internet ads, television commercials, or point of purchase posters that people are used to tuning out, digital signage delivers an eye-catching, relevant message to those inside your store or office.

If your business has something important to say, in-store digital marketing is a great way to communicate your messaging to customers.

2. Easily and Quickly Update Content

The modern world often seems like a revolving door of technological advancement. Things often change in a matter of hours, if not faster. It’s important that your marketing efforts match this rapid-fire pace.

Here are a few examples of how a business’ needs might change quickly and where Digital Signage can play a role:

    • Rain or snow means a new sales opportunity for an automotive shop. Quickly update your Digital Menu Board to promote wipers or tires.

    • A restaurant might need to update calorie information in order to be in FDA compliance.

    • A retail establishment might promote a flash sale or promote merchandise based on inventory.

    • A health care specialist might need to make patients aware of new policies.

    • A school cafeteria will want to promote it’s daily meals and pricing.

Think about your specific industry, and what needs might arise that you’ll need to quickly address. Whatever that need, in-store digital signage helps you keep up.

3. Displays Live and Current Events on Your In-Store Digital Signage

These days, everything is connected to the Internet. Your in-store digital signage should be, too.

Digital signage takes your menu, pricing, or product displays to the next level by integrating live news, weather, and sports scores. You can also build brand awareness by connecting custom messages and social media posts.

Can you imagine buying a print advertisement to display a single tweet? Think about how fast that information would be dated.

The world evolves rapidly in real time. Make sure your marketing can keep up.

4. Raises the Maximum Amount of Awareness in Your Store

If you have an in-store sign or poster, you can only say one thing at a time in that space.

Only. One. Thing.

One Thing is great if you’re One Direction. But you’re a business owner, trying to get the message out about your company so you can compete in a big box, big chain, global industry, dog eat dog world.

You’ve got a ton to say!

Digital signage transforms a single space into a multi-media, multi-message display. Instead of a single ad, you can share product information, pricing, employee bios, social media, photos, volunteer efforts, community outreach, and more.

5. The Power of Video

Video amplifies your message in a way that static advertising can’t compete with.

Forrester researcher Dr. James estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words

Can you image how much printed media it would take to convey 1.8 million words?

With video, digital signage allows you to get more of your message across in less time. Plus, today’s consumers love video.

So the question you have to ask yourself is – why aren’t you using digital signage as part of your marketing strategy?