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Our digital signage solutions allow you to create separate displays for each screen
to help you communicate with each group more effectively.

Zita Robinson
Zita Robinson
We (Dublin West Education Centre) installed a digital display screen for our reception area and Kenny took us through the entire process with ease. They gave great advice on the type of screen required for the area and ensured we had training on the software used to programme the screen. The fitting team were great too. We have been very happy with the level of customer service that Kenny provided throughout the process.
Rosanne Reilly
Rosanne Reilly
Digital Signage Ireland provide interior and exterior digital screens for all of our Personal Assistant.ie clients across Ireland, mainly large corporates in Pharmaceutical & Tech setting up in Ireland. They are an excellent company to deal with and very dependable, the fitting team are great also.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Had a great experience with the guys at DSI. I had a project for a customer to plan out and these guys make it so easy. From the customer needs and offering different options to better what we had in mind. It's great to actually see displays before ordering it really helps. Would definitely recommend lovely people. KS-Services
Enrico Caballero
Enrico Caballero
We've just opened a bar and wanted a way to promote special offers and drive our food sales. Digital Signage Ireland were just what we needed. We actually planned to install 5 screens, but their team showed us how to cut that down to 3 by placing them in smarter places!!! Kenneth and the team also took the time to train us up in programming our screens (actually, it's really easy). So now we can push offers exactly when we want to - which has achieved exactly what we wanted - more sales and less wastage. Great service.

Create Custom Layouts

This feature allows you to design your own layout with different media zones for your images, videos, webpages, time, date and also allows you to add a scrolling message or RSS feed. You can even give your layout a corporate “skin” to go around your media zones.


Connect your Digital Signage Screens to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi or via a Local Area Network Connection. If an internet connection is not available a 3G router can be incorporated into the screen, meaning that we can provide an integrated network solution for any location

Update From Anywhere

Content can be uploaded and Schedule Playlists managed from anywhere in the world via our web portal. Simply log in, upload your imagesand videos to our secure server and send them directly to your screens.

Schedule Playlists

Display what you like, when you like. Create playlists that will automatically display your desired content at predetermined times and dates. Whatever your scheduling requirements, our system can support them.


Hardware / Software / Advice / Installation / Maintenance
Graphic Design / Finance & Leasing

Creating A Seamless Internal Communication Network With WestTech Digital Signage Ireland

An internal communications strategy allows you to keep employees engaged and informed on company policy such as OHS and HR information, recognise employee achievements, visualise sales and safety KPIs, live news feeds & more.

Instant messaging is also possible with the ability to broadcast fire drill announcements and other safety alerts across all screens including LFDs, Room Booking, and Collaborative Boards.

classroom screen

We’re all used to seeing digital signage and a location without a sign is starting to stand out!

Let WestTech Digital Signage Ireland help you create dynamic content!


At WestTech Signage Ireland we provide a simple to use Layout designer and powerful Widgets, create dynamic experiences to really grab attention.


Timing is everything, choose who sees your content and when with our easy to use calendar scheduler.


Check proof of play and view diagnostic information straight from your web browser for ultimate control.


Benefit from the wide range of players the WestTech Signage Ireland platform offers, including Windows, Linux, webOS, Tizen and Android. Enjoy the stability of players natively developed for that platform, as well as the flexibility of HTML functionality.


Whether you choose to host your CMS with WestTech Signage Irelands, or take a commercial support offering, our support team is there to lend a hand. Alternatively participate in our Community Support forum.


We guarantee WestTech Signage Ireland customers are 100% satisfied with the solutions we provide...

The Powerful Solution

Internal Communications

Forget bulk emails that don't get read, printed dog-eared notices on pinboards, or the piles of internal memos that get distributed and disregarded, corporate digital signage is a more effective way to communicate internally. Whether you want to send internal communications, track KPIs, or update staff on the latest policy, digital signage solutions revolutionise the ways you can communicate internally.


Digital signage displays are widely used throughout the education field for various purposes. Take any educational institution for example: – Schools, colleges, universities etc. all need touch displays as well as interactive whiteboards for teaching purposes mainly.

We offer 4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays and Interactive Whiteboards as well. It has often been demonstrated that teaching in such smart ways using interactive whiteboards can be very effective for students.

Along with that, we also offer Android Advertising Displays in the form of Notice Boards for various educational institutes. The signage can be used not only for students but also for visitors and faculties as well.


Every day we see new devices and gadgets associated with various fields of business in the corporate world. Amongst these, using a variety of smart digital signage technology would absolutely grow your business.

A wide range of office usage could range from in the boardroom for presenting a meeting: Interactive Touch Displays and more. For that, we offer LCD and LED Video Walls for meeting presentations and 4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays for a variety of purposes.

Other than that, using such signs for internal communication amongst employees would be a smart idea too.



Since everything has gone digital, the medical field is also now offering various innovative ways and solutions for which digital signage can be used. eg as a “Way finding display”, Healthcare information display, and more.

Using the latest technology like this whilst interacting with patients will help them understand any medical procedure much easier. We offer PCAP Touch Screens for hospitals with easy to clean and maintain edge-to-edge glass fronts.

With each passing day, more and more healthcare professionals are starting to use such smart devices in their healthcare facilities.

All of us love to order food as well as going out and enjoying a fine delicacy every now and then. And that is the reason why the food industry has always been amongst the most popular fields for digital signage use.

Restaurant owners always try different ideas to get customers’ attention towards their unique and tasty menu items. For that, what would be better to show a delicious bite of their most popular dish than a bold and impactful digital sign.

To promote your store, Digital Signage Ireland offers Android Advertising Displays along with Touch Screens and High Brightness Monitors for customers to choose their food items from menus directly.



Whether you are currently constructing a building, hotel, resort, or nightclub – we offer the very best solutions to display all the amenities you offer through Digital Signage.

Android Freestanding Digital Posters let you beautifully describe all the amenities offered by you. Along with that, we also offer Android Advertising Displays to attract new and potential customers to your business .

Having such interesting Digital Signage helps you to gain more customers. Not only that, it has been shown that it can even provide greater customer satisfaction.

Petrol Stations

Most of us travel in vehicles every day and pass through various transport service facilities such as petrol stations. These are amongst the most common interacting places for us all.

Whether it is a petrol station, train station, airport, bus station etc. passengers are likely to get interested by a brightly lit Digital Signage display. Hence it would be a great opportunity to market your business/ product.

Widely used digital signs for Petrol stations include Android Advertising Displays, LCD Video Walls and more to advertise your desired products, services,offers and campaigns.



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